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Book Review: Linda Howard – Cover of Night

Posted by HelenEdith on October 11, 2008

This book is categorised as “Crime” by my local library, but if they were to subdivide their Crime section, this would probably end up as a romantic thriller.

Cate Nightingale, a widow with young twin sons, owns and operates a guest house in an out-of-the-way community, and a guest brings trouble down upon her head when he departs rather suddenly, leaving his luggage behind.

There are bad guys after him, and they assume that Cate has what they want, and they come calling. Cate’s handyman, Cal, proves to have qualities that Cate never suspected and he sees the bad guys off.

Unfortunately, they don’t stay gone. This is where the book gets very far-fetched, as the bad guys decide to lay siege to the whole community until Cate gives them what they want. Even some of the bad guys think that it’s a stupid plan, but they do it anyway, which gives Cal even more chances to show that side of him which Cate has never seen before.

This was an interesting enough book to keep reading, even though parts of the plot simply weren’t believable.


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