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Book Review: Elizabeth Moon – Engaging the Enemy

Posted by HelenEdith on September 20, 2008

(Book three of Vatta’s War)

In this book, Kylara Vatta has assumed command of the ship she took from her disgraced relative, but it’s a ship which isn’t welcome in many law-abiding places, as its reputation precedes it.

Ky feels that the only way to beat the pirates who are loose in the Universe is to get the Privateers to unite to fight the pirates. Ky gets kicked out of one system for voicing her intentions, and her cousin, following in the older, slower ship, continually reaches places just as Ky has left – and has left a mess behind for her cousin to clean up.

A task force is eventually formed, and goes to an uninhabited system to train, albeit not under Ky’s command. Things go badly, but Ky comes out of it quite well. I’m interested to read the next book, where I suspect that Ky will take command and maybe the pirates will start to lose.


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