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Book review: Fern Michaels – Weekend Warriors

Posted by HelenEdith on August 11, 2008

(The first in The Sisterhood series)

This book started with a Prologue, then moved on in time to Chapter One, then moved on again before getting into the story proper. However, having set the scene, I doubt whether the other books in the series will need to do this.

The series is about a group of women who have been failed by the justice system for one reason or another. They get together, along with a British ex-spy who can find out anything about anybody in about two hours flat, and they take it in turns to take the law into their own hands.

Kathryn’s name is first out of the hat, so she gets to choose the punishment for the three motorcyclists who raped her in front of her disabled husband. The reason why she can’t pursue them through the law courts is because she’s left it too long and the statute of limitations has expired for the offenses.

Men might be a trifle uncomfortable reading this book when they discover what Kathryn’s chosen punishment is for the three rapists, but it is a rather good punishment which fits the crime pretty well.

We follow the progress of the women as they carry out the punishment – with plenty of suspense along the way as their well-laid plans don’t always work out exactly as intended, but they do get their men, and their men don’t go to the Police!

The book ends with the next woman being chosen to avenge the crime against her, and I’ll be putting in a reservation at the library for that one pretty soon.


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