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Entry for August 07, 2008 – Cataloguing my sheet music

Posted by HelenEdith on August 7, 2008

It is to be hoped that I won’t be all musicked out after Marlowe Music Week, as I’ve got a Music Weekend planned for later this month. I have to go away for this one and I’ve got my accommodation all sorted out as I’m staying off-campus due to missing out on a spot in the on-campus student accommodation.

I’m planning on taking quite a bit of sheet music with me, and this afternoon I had my music down off the shelves to find out what I had that wasn’t in my Chamber Music spreadsheet. I’ve now updated it with everything except bassoon solos. They’re not of particular interest to other players, but the music for two, three and four players is of interest, and that’s what I was updating. Really I should download the database module of Open Office and put it in there rather than on a spreadsheet, but by the time I’ve learnt to use Open Office, that would take a lot longer than just updating a spreadsheet.

While I had the music down, I should have checked whether it all had my name stamped on each part, but I didn’t do that, so it will all have to come down again. The stuff I’ve had for a while is mostly named, but some of the newer stuff isn’t – and it all needs a name on each part before I let anyone borrow it during the Music Weekend!

I got so carried away with this project that I lost track of the time and realised that I wasn’t going to make it to “Party Pieces” tonight. It’s a shame to have missed it, but I’ve been out every evening since Sunday and I really needed a night in.

I had hoped to find time during my week off to edit my pictures from our Yorkshire holiday last October, but there just hasn’t been time. Maybe tomorrow morning… If I go to bed now, I might not have to use tomorrow morning for sleeping, and might therefore have time to look at some pictures. And go to the library. And do some laundry. Yes, there’s plenty to do!


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