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Book Review: Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Ann Scarborough – Maelstrom

Posted by HelenEdith on August 4, 2008

(Book two of The Twins of Petaybee)

This is another good adventure story. It takes place partly on Halau, an uninhabitable planet where the Honu turtle came from, where the Twins, with the help of Marmie Algemeine and her spaceship “Piaf” go to rescue the remaining Honu turtles and their people; and partly on Petaybee.

The rescue on Halau upsets the commander of a Federation spaceship, and he features again later on in the story.

However, the rescued people and their aquatic animals are delivered by Marmie to Petaybee, where the Twins, in their seal form, escort the Honu to their new home in waters warmed by a volcano. The Twins also want to find the Deep Sea Otters and warn them about the new life forms arriving on Petaybee, as the Honu aren’t all they bring back from Halau, and the other species they bring back is rather less benign than the Honu.

Murel falls asleep while in the ocean and gets attacked by a pod of Orcas who don’t realise that she isn’t just any old seal, but she gets rescued in the nick of time when a whirlpool appears and pulls her under. It would spoil the plot to tell you what happens next. Some of it borders a bit close to fantasy for my liking, but as the plot thickens, it all turns out to be quite reasonable after all.

The story introduces some completely new and unexpected characters at that point; and it also reintroduces the disgruntled spaceship captain from Halau. There are enough developments arising from what happens next, that you’d just know that there was going to be another book in the series, even if you weren’t already aware of its existence. 🙂


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