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Entry for June 11, 2008 – Karen Geoghegan’s Bassoon Recital

Posted by HelenEdith on June 11, 2008

I went to Fulham Palace yesterday evening to hear Karen Geoghegan’s bassoon recital. She is the young bassoonist who reached the final of “Classical Star” last year and who subsequently signed a recording contract with Chandos – which was completely independent from the recording contract prize on offer to the winner of “Classical Star”, which went to a pianist.

I went along to support a young bassoonist at the start of her career and I came away a fan. Her playing knocked my socks off. I think I heard one cracked note in the course of a concert-length recital which included six complete works and a single movement from a seventh piece. Once or twice I thought that another year or two with John Orford may develop extra colour in her playing, particularly when she plays a sustained note, but there’s so much there already that she was well worth the £10 ticket price. I came away with two copies of her CD: one to keep, and one to send to my sister. I probably should have opened them up and got them autographed. They might be worth money one day!

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