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Book Review: June Barraclough – Emma Eliza

Posted by HelenEdith on May 24, 2008

This turned out to be a really interesting historical novel.

It starts out being told in the first person by Emma, who started life in Norfolk and went into service when she was old enough to work. She eventually marries a widower with two daughters, George Starling, and they move to Yorkshire, where there is more work.

When Emma’s own children start arriving, the story moves to the third person and is taken up by her granddaughter Lily, who follows the fortunes of the growing family in Yorkshire, where rather than “going into service”, when old enough to earn, you “go into the mills”.

There is a constant thread running through the book of someone called Baz whom Emma remembers from when she was a very little girl, and whom she thinks is the same person as a Jabez Smith that she encounters later on.

Only when we get to the very end of the book does his significance finally emerge.

A very worthwhile family saga.


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