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Book Review: Catherine Sampson – Out of Mind

Posted by HelenEdith on May 24, 2008

This is a the second book in which Robin Ballantyne features as the main character, and although it stands alone, I wonder whether I would have got on better with it had I read the first one before tackline this one.

Robin Ballantyne works for the BBC, where she is directing a ‘missing persons’ series. The trouble starts when she decides to include a missing colleague, Melanie Jacobs, in her series. She gets warned off from high places, and makes people outside of the Corporation quite upset as well.

The action shifts between England and South East Asia as Robin puts together Melanie’s recent projects as a camerawoman and tries to find out who she was close to and who she might have upset.

We also get a glimpse into Robin’s personal life, where she is the widowed mother of young twins; has a relationship of sorts with a detective she met in the previous book which I haven’t read; and has a criminal father who has popped up and then conveniently disappeared again when he realises that his family are onto his latest scam.

I finished this book, but I’m ambivalent about seeking out further examples of Catherine Sampson’s work.


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