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Book Review: Anne & Todd McCaffrey – Dragon’s Fire

Posted by HelenEdith on May 24, 2008

I thought that Todd had now taken over the Pern novels from his mother, but this one is a collaboration between the two of them. This is a sequel to Dragon’s Kin, on which they also collaborated.

I don’t recall the concept of the Shunned cropping up on Pern before, but these are a group of criminals who have been cast out from the various holds. The problem is that their children, who may have done no wrong, are also effectively Shunned, and with Thread due in a few more turns, neither the criminal parents nor their mainly blameless children have protection and the Harper’s Hall is becoming concerned that the Shunned may attempt to obtain shelter from thread by forceful means.

Therefore a Harper is sent out to infiltrate the Shunned with a view to attempting to improve their lot.

Meanwhile, in another theme within the book, the last dangerous firestone mine explodes and there is nowhere for firestone to be obtained to supply the dragons for when thread falls. A new firestone mine is discovered, but study of old manuscripts leads some young Harper students to believe that the dragons used to use a less dangerous form of firestone, so a quest to rediscover it is started.

This is a good yarn, as are most of the McCaffrey books. I have to say that these collaborations have worked better for me than the one solo Todd McCaffrey Pern book I have read so far. Maybe Anne thought so too and decided that Todd needed to collaborate for a bit longer!


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