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Book Review: Ann Barker – The Other Miss Frobisher

Posted by HelenEdith on May 24, 2008

Elfrida Frobisher has been carrying around the tag “The Other Miss Frobisher” since being overshadowed by her elder sister Anthea years before. She has, thanks to an inheritance, settled into a comfortable existence in the country, and is considering the advances of a clerical suitor.

All that changes when her elder sister asks her to come to London to chaperon Prudence, her elder sister’s daughter, who has formed an undesirable attachment. Anthea, who is retiring to the country to await the birth of her second child, wishes Prudence to finish her London Season and has hopes that she will receive an offer from Rufus Tyler.

Prudence has other ideas about all of this, and although she has indeed formed an attachment which her parents would consider undesirable, it is not with the young man whom they believe her to be entangled with!

Elfrida finds chaperoning Prudence to be fraught with pitfalls, and as the book progresses, it turns out that Rufus Tyler is paying more attention to Elfrida than he is to Prudence.

There is some good junketing around the countryside, elopements which aren’t all they seem, compromising situations in inns which aren’t all they seem – and a rather aggrieved clerical suitor thrown in!

An enjoyable Regency novel.


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