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Book Review: Andrew Klavan – Man and Wife

Posted by HelenEdith on May 24, 2008

Of all the books I have finished recently, this was the one I most considered abandoning.

It is told in the first person as a confession, and keeps referring to a murder, but it turns out to be one of those books where the murder is what the book is leading up to, rather than the murder being the starting point of the book.

It contains a quite weird characters in the form of the teeneaged Peter Blue, who appears almost visionary, but who has landed in hot water due to setting a fire in the local church, which has landed him in the local psychiatric unit.

We spend a lot of time going over the suicide of the main character’s older sister, but the book is really about the marriage of the main character Cal Bradley and his wife Marie, and her “past” prior to meeting Cal.

I didn’t find this a very satisfactory read.


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