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Book Review: Jayne Ann Krentz – All Night Long

Posted by HelenEdith on March 22, 2008

Although the library categorises this book under ‘Crime’ I would say that it’s part of the sub-genre of romantic thrillers.

Irene Stenson is revisiting the lakefront town of Dunsley, Oregon, which she left years ago after the sudden violent deaths of her parents. At the time, these deaths were described as murder-suicide, but Irene’s never been convinced of that, and when her one-time best friend from her mid-teens makes contact and says that she has information, Irene goes to Dunsley to see Pamela.

Unfortunately, Pamela turns up dead before Irene can meet up with her – a death described as a suicide, but once again Irene isn’t convinced.

Luke Danner is the proprietor of the motel where Irene is staying, and he makes a most unlikely landlord, as he seems more interested in driving guests away than accommodating them. Irene manages to hire a cabin from him anyway, and Luke, an ex-Marine, takes an interest in Irene’s comings and goings and is generally on-hand when Irene gets into hot water – which she does from time to time.

It turns out that there really are secrets to uncover about the death of Irene’s parents, and also about Pamela’s recent death. They turn out to be dangerous secrets, but Irene and Luke join forces and set about it.

There is also romantic interest between them, but it doesn’t get in the way of the grittier story of old crimes covered up by newer crimes.


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