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Entry for January 26, 2008 – Concert: Performing Pleyel

Posted by HelenEdith on January 26, 2008

I performed the second and third movement’s of Pleyel’s Bassoon Concerto in B flat as the final item in this evening’s Bromley Music Makers concert.

The preparation of this piece hasn’t been ideal: a chest infection over Christmas put paid to practising over the holidays, but Rosemary Chater (my accompanist) and I have been meeting to rehearse regularly during January and we had our interpretation synchronised and everything coming together a week and a half ago.

I continued to worry about the piece, as it seemed to be going downhill in the final week, but it turned out all right on the night. 🙂 Rosemary’s main worry was a page turn. She prefers to turn her own pages, but one of the turns was tricky, and this afternoon she was at the Bromley High School and had access to a grand piano and practised her page turn there, as a grand (which is what she played on tonight) has a different music stand from an upright, which is what she has in her own front room. Her page turning this evening was flawless!

It was the 250th anniversary of Pleyel’s birth in 2007, but we couldn’t quite get the piece onto a concert programme at the end of last year, but as I said tonight, Pleyel’s birthday wasn’t until June, so he’s still 250 in January 2008, and it’s therefore still valid to perform his music in celebration of his 250th.

If you want to know more about Pleyel, there is an informative Wikipedia article; and the Pleyel Museum at Ruppersthal in Austria, where Pleyel was born, has a website which can be viewed here in German, or here translated into English by Google.

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