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Book Review: Tamara McKinley – Dreamscapes

Posted by HelenEdith on November 24, 2007

I’m not having much luck with the way the library categorises books at present. This one has ‘Cri’ on its spine, and yes, a crime is committed in the book (several in fact) but I wouldn’t describe this as crime fiction.

The story follows the life of Catriona Summers, who is born to travelling music hall performers and from those humble beginnings, rises to be an opera star. The inside of the book jacket summarises the book as being about how scandalous secrets associated with her early years are threatening to come out in later life, which is probably where the library got the idea that this is a crime novel.

The book spends a lot of time on Catriona’s early years, right up to and past the time when the crimes were committed, following Catriona’s progress from living in a travelling wagon in Outback Australia through to her studying in Sydney, and her marriage to her agent. After that, the book rather glosses over her performing career and picks up again when Catriona is nearing the end of her career as a singer, by which time she is making her home in Outback Australia.

The crimes do come to light towards the end of the novel, which completes a parallel thread in the book following three generations of policemen, and how the revelations are handled occupies the end of the novel, which has a surprisingly happy ending, considering some of the events which took place earlier in the book.

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