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Entry for November 17, 2007 – Reliant

Posted by HelenEdith on November 17, 2007

Stephen drives a Reliant Rialto. Or I should say, Stephen would drive his Reliant Rialto if only the clutch wasn’t broken! Here it is on the driveway with chocks in front of all three wheels to stop it from rolling down the driveway, which is steep, and which it can’t otherwise be prevented from rolling down when it can’t be left in gear.

It’s been in this sorry state for over a month now. It broke down just before we went on holiday, so Stephen didn’t do anything about it until we came back, and now he’s worried about the cost of the repair, so he’s been putting it off.

It really will have to be repaired though, because it’s difficult to get to Stephen’s Mum’s place without a vehicle, so I’ve been taking Stephen to see her. And to do her shopping. We can often combine it with our own shopping, but it’s still an extra responsibility in my life, which is already busy enough.

I did get to have a nice cuddle with Molly the cat while we were at Stephen’s Mum’s place today. I communed with Sam as well, but he’s not a lap-cat. It’s nice to see Stephen’s Mum, too – it would just be nicer if I didn’t have to do it.


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