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Book Review: Maggie Bennett – The Tailor’s Daughter

Posted by HelenEdith on October 27, 2007

The library had this book categorised as an historical romance, but I consider that to be an incorrect categorisation. It’s a historical novel all right, but there’s not much romance about it.

Tabitha, the tailor’s daughter, meets Mariette de St Aubyn, when her family move into the square where Tabitha’s father has his business. Despite their different stations in life, the two girls form a close bond, and they attend the same school during their formative years.

Mariette receives an offer of marriage from the second son of an Irish nobleman, and Tabitha accepts employment with them rather than taking up her own offer of marriage to a man who was an apprentice of her father’s before starting his own very successful business.

So starts an interesting menage a trois which culminates in Tabitha bearing Conor the son that Mariette is unable to carry to term.

It is only after Conor’s priest forbids the continued association between Tabitha and her employers that Tabitha is freed from this relationship, at the cost of never seeing her son again. She goes to work as a seamstress in a factory, but her own family find her and the book seems to end happily, but in no way would I describe this as a romance!


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