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Book review: Anne McCaffrey – Pegasus in Space

Posted by HelenEdith on September 27, 2007

This is the third book in the ‘Talent’ series – a series which Anne McCaffrey started back in 1959. This book neatly fills a gap between ‘Pegasus in Flight’ (the second ‘Talent’ book) and ‘The Rowan’ (the first ‘Tower and Hive’ book).

Anne McCaffrey has remained true to her original characters, but has incorporated things into this latest book which hadn’t been thought of in 1959. The one that comes to mind is the ‘Reeve Board’: a device which those with a spinal injury can use to keep their muscles in tone. I’m not aware of whether there actually *is* a Reeve Board in reality, but this book is dedicated to Christopher Reeve, so we know where she got the idea from.

The story told by the book is that of Peter Reidinger, who also appeared earlier in the ‘Talent’ series. Peter has a spinal injury, but has learnt to move using telekinesis. He can move not only himself, but also other objects, and he can move them considerable distances. His powers of telepathy also come in handy, and he’s on hand to avert more than one disaster in space as the story unfolds.

Anne McCaffrey’s ‘Talent’ and ‘Tower and Hive’ books are my favourites among all of her work. I can almost feel I’m there with the kinetics as they shift loads by mental strength – with a little help from special generators they can tap into. I would love there to be more books in this series.


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