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Entry for September 15, 2007 – Yesterday’s visit to Brighton

Posted by HelenEdith on September 15, 2007

Yesterday, I took a day off work, and we took Stephen’s Mum with us to Brighton for the afternoon and evening.

We toyed with the idea of visiting The Pavilion or the SeaLife Centre, but when we arrived in Brighton and found scaffolding still over the exterior of the Pavilion, our minds were made up and we “did” the SeaLife Centre, after which Jessie sat in the car while we took some pictures of the lights on the Pier.

The SeaLife Centre was reasonably wheelchair friendly, although the accessible entrance wasn’t well signposted and took a bit of finding!

I got out my 50mm f1.7 prime lens while we were in the SeaLife Centre, and shot with the aperture wide open. Although I had a lot of failures, I came home with a reasonable number of successful pictures.

After we emerged from the SeaLife Centre, we went and had a look on the Pier, but didn’t stay there long because the wind was quite fresh and Jessie was feeling cold. Instead, we retreated into Burger King, where Jessie had a small portion of breaded chicken while Stephen and I tucked into Double Whoppers. I don’t even want to think about how many calories/fat were in those things, but we had skipped lunch and they were very good. I like BK burgers because of the generous amount of salad included – and I also like their flame grilled beef. We might have tried their Angus burgers, only I’d left my money off coupons at home. We’ll have to try them another day!

We managed to linger over our burgers until after I should have been outside taking my twilight pictures of the Pier. By the time I’d been to the car and retrieved my tripod, they turned out to be night pictures.

Click here to view my day’s picture-taking.

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