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Book Review: Joan Smith – Regency Masquerade

Posted by HelenEdith on August 26, 2007

I’ve read books by Joan Smith before and enjoyed them, but I don’t think this was one of her better efforts.

Moira is posing as Lady Crieff, a young widow with a fortune of jewellery to sell. However, Moira’s “jewels” are all paste. She is intending to sell them to the man who swindled her family out of their fortune, and has tracked him down to an inn near the coast.

There are other guests arriving as well, and Moira suspects them of being accomplices of the man she is seeking restitution from. It actually turns out that they are on a similar mission to Moira, although their preferred method of recouping their losses involves selling a smuggling business which isn’t theirs to sell.

Things got a bit more interesting once the smuggling theme got going, but even the end of the book was a bit of a damp squid, although the Lord posing as a plain Mr did get his girl, namely Moira, in the end.


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