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Book Review: Barbara Gale – Down from the Mountain

Posted by HelenEdith on August 26, 2007

This is another Silhouette offering, this time from their Special Edition series.

I’ve read a couple more books since reading this one, but seem to recall that it took a lot of getting through, so it can’t have been the most interesting of reads.

It is about Ellen Candler, who is blind, and David Hartwell, whose face is scarred from a car accident years earlier. David’s father manages to throw them together by writing a will which forces them to work together.

Ellen has surgery to restore her eyesight and David is convinced that when she actually sees him, she will not be interested in him any more. (Yes, this pair do turn out to be interested in one another!) Ellen, on her hand, has already worked out that David has scars because she’s touched his face while she’s still blind.

They do get together in the end. It’s not an entirely “happy ending”, and it probably wasn’t the most convincing book in this genre I’ve read lately. No wonder this one turned up in a charity shop!


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