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Entry for August 08, 2007 – Wind chamber music

Posted by HelenEdith on August 9, 2007

Wednesday evening saw a collection of twelve people in a house (fortunately a detached one!) on the edge of Blackheath. We were playing wind dectets. The extra two people were Malcolm, who was taking a well-deserved evening off (he\’s the main organiser of the week) and Nick, who played his clarinet some of the time and conducted us for the rest of the time.

Two flutes, two oboes, two or three clarinets, two bassoons and two horns sat themselves down in a circle with their music stands touching around the inner circle and proceeded to work their way through a Raff dectet, and arrangement of Carmina Burana for wind dectet (which definitely needed Nick to conduct rather than play) and two Richard Strauss dectets. Actually, I think the Strauss had twelve parts, as there were two spare horn parts which remained unplayed.

Then Terry, our host for the evening, provided a light supper.

The picture is another one from the coffee morning. My music pad ensures that my chubby chin cannot be seen in this photo. 🙂


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