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Entry for July 22, 2007 – Band at Coolings Nursery

Posted by HelenEdith on July 22, 2007

I had an outing with the Beckenham Concert Band today. We played in Arthur’s Garden at Coolings Nurseries in Knockholt, Kent. This has become a regular band engagement, and one that, although I’m not a regular, I try to turn out for.

We picked up Stephen’s Mum (who lives quite locally) and brought her with us. She can’t walk very far, so she brought her wheelchair along. Coolings has a huge site. There is a retail area at the front, and once you walk through that, you get out into the outdoor area where plants for sale are set out. Once you’ve walked through that extensive area, you get to the restaurant, and Arthur’s garden is behind that. Definitely a job for the wheelchair where Jessie is concerned!

The band set up under a canopy which provided a bit of shade, and the audience sat on chairs on the lawn facing the band. There were some outdoor tables towards the rear of the audience area for those who wished to bring refreshments outside with them.

We played a range of songs from the shows and tributes to performers such as Frank Sinatra, and it seemed to go down well with the audience. Each year the audience at Coolings gets bigger, so I think they’re coming back for more and bringing their friends along as well.

The garden centre probably did good business after the concert was finished, and Harris HospisCare were also present and were pleased to accept donations. I hadn’t realised that there was a Harris HospisCare connection at the Coolings concert, but as Stephen works for Harris HospisCare, that was one more reason why I’m glad I could participate.

After the concert was over, we took Jessie home and I saw all seven of her cats. I also went out in her back garden, primarily to look at her red budleia. It was actually more of a purple colour. She’s also got a white budleia, on which we saw some red admiral butterflies, but they wouldn’t get into photogenic positions for me.

Today’s photo is of some budleia buds right at the top of the white budleia, against the background of the blue sky. We were lucky that we got some blue sky for our concert today, considering the amount of rain we’ve been having. There’s more forecast for tomorrow, but today stayed dry.


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