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Website update: Ocean Majesty and Seabourn Pride, 3rd July 2005

Posted by HelenEdith on July 21, 2007

A couple of years ago, we were lucky enough for a Tower Bridge lift for a cruise ship to coincide with City Hall being open to the public and we went and took advantage of the opportunity.

We were surprised that there weren’t more people up on the observation balcony to see a really big ship passing through Tower Bridge, but we had the place almost to ourselves. There was one other person up there who had come specially to see Ocean Majesty pass through Tower Bridge; and a few tourists for whom the event was an unexpected bonus.

Click here to view pictures of Ocean Majesty, and also Seabourn Pride, a second cruise ship, who was berthed in the Lower Pool, plus tugs Cobham and Sun Thames, who were in attendance on Ocean Majesty.

Here are links for City Hall – weekend opening, Port of London Authority Cruise Ship Diary and Tower Bridge Lift Schedule, which are the websites to monitor if you want to try and find a day when you can see this sight for yourself.

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