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Book review: Nora Roberts – Valley of Silence (part of The Circle Trilogy)

Posted by HelenEdith on July 12, 2007

I have read lots of Nora Roberts’ romantic fiction and generally find it to be very good. However this book, which the library filed under “Fantasy”, was a struggle. It occasionally referred back to events which must have occurred in the previous two volumes, “Morrigan’s Cross” and “Dance of the Gods”, neither of which I have read. It also contained a lot of unpronounceable Irish names which made reading the book somewhat difficult. Imagine my disgust when I found an Irish Glossary sandwiched between the end of the book and a trailer for another Nora Roberts book! Why couldn’t they have put the glossary at the front, or at least had an index page at the front to indicate that it was there!

As I said, the book was a struggle. It was set in a fantasy country which seemed to bear a strong resemblance to Ireland. One of the main characters was a vampire. There were also a shape-shifter, a sorcerer and a witch among the main characters.

The whole book was building towards a battle between humans and vampires, although Moira, who has become the Queen of Geall (by dint of drawing a magical sword out of a stone, no less!) manages to have a romantic interest in Cian, the vampire. When I finally found the well-hidden glossary, I found that his name is pronounced “KEY-an”. As he’s a major character in the book, I could have done with finding that out a lot sooner!

As this book was the final book in a trilogy, it tidied away all the loose ends, and I have no desire to wade through its two predecessors to find out the bits that I missed along the way.


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