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Book review: Linda Howard – Killing Time

Posted by HelenEdith on July 12, 2007

I have enjoyed Linda Howard novels filed under the “Crime” genre in my local library, and when I saw this one, I picked it up and borrowed it.

I didn’t twig how good a title the book had for some time: the word “Time” in the title turns out to be very appropriate, as this is a crime novel where the bad guys come from the future. Nikita Stover is an FBI agent sent back from the future to go after them.

As with the last Linda Howard book I read, there’s a romantic storyline as well as the crime storyline, but how on earth she’s going to make an FBI agent from the future happy with a county investigator from our own time, I couldn’t even begin to fathom out.

Anyway, several murders later, and after the location of a missing time-capsule, Nikita and Knox do get to live happily ever after.

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