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Entry for June 11, 2007 – Roof repairs!

Posted by HelenEdith on June 11, 2007

The roofer who was expected to phone last week to tell us when he could replace the leaking roof over my garage and study phoned this morning at 8:30am to say that he would be with us by 9:00am! As Stephen needed to be out today, I arranged to take the day of time off in lieu which was oweing to me and I stayed home to keep an eye on roofing operations.

Meanwhile, Stephen was trying to phone his Mum, and the phone was giving the engaged signal every time he tried. He did a bit of phoning around and she wasn’t on the phone with any of the people she was likely to have a long conversation with, so Stephen added a trip to his Mum’s place onto his itinerary for the day.

Fortunately the problem was with the phone and not with Stephen’s Mum. However, her fridge is on the blink and needs replacing, so it looks like Stephen and I have an errand to run this evening to deal with that problem.

The roofing operation went well and the boards, once uncovered, were found to be of good quality and in good condition, so the contingency in the quote for replacement of boards did not have to be gone into.

Click here for some more pictures of what came down and what went up in its place.


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