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Entry for June 04, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on June 4, 2007

I took today off. I arranged it last week when I realised how busy the weekend just gone was going to become. I spent today as I suspected I would want to: just vegging out and pottering around doing very little.

I watched some of Nadal vs Hewitt from the French Open, did a couple of Killer Sudoku puzzles, and messed about with the pictures I took at the weekend without actually getting very far with them. I contempleted whether to have an “aaaahhhh!” picture of a greylag goose with fluffy baby goslings or a Peterbilt truck ornament as today’s picture, but have opted for the truck ornament. Maybe you’ll see the goslings tomorrow.

I’m still studying the results of my digital infrared experiment, and am leaning in the direction of limiting my infrared experiments to my Pentax *ist DS, which produced some encouraging results when used with a Cokin P007 filter. The Pentax K10D needed longer exposures, produced a less marked infrared effect, and delivered a symmetrical pattern of artifacts similar to those seen when lens flare is present. They were mostly in the green and blue channels, and could be discarded, but the infrared effect in the red channel probably wasn’t worth the effort, and I might just as well use the *ist DS, which has a much weaker infrared blocking filter installed and therefore is more sensitive to infrared.

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