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Entry for May 15, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 15, 2007

Today in the office started disastrously. We have a lot of developers, both in the UK and India, and we all share one database for doing our testing, and someone is testing a program which contains some rogue code which is deleting vast numbers of rows from one rather vital table. It happened this morning, and what was worse, before I arrived in the office, the database got ‘reset’ to its clean state, which happens to be minus all the policies I’d just spent two days entering. 😦 What was even worse was that if I’d only been in earlier (much earlier) I could have recovered the affected rows from the journal, but once the database had been reset, that option was no longer open.

That’s when the day started to look up a bit, as Dave took pity on me (this is at least the second time I’ve lost data that I’ve spent ages keying in) and requested last Friday night’s backup be restored into a library where I could continue my testing unaffected by those who delete rows from vital tables.

This did leave me with a problem though: as I didn’t need to rekey all my data, what was I going to do until the backup had been retrieved from offsite and restored?

It wasn’t too long before one answer to that problem materialised in the form of an Instant Messenger conversation with one of our Indian RPG programmers, who was looking for a bit of help with her work.

I was still immersed in her problems when an account manager phoned me up asking for a bit of help with a customer problem, and I agreed to take a look. I found something “not quite right” and that kept me occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

In fact, I think it’s the best afternoon I’ve had for ages. There’s nothing like a good database problem to inspire me. (Sad, I know.) In fact, I had such an interesting afternoon that I didn’t even go looking for any nibbles.

Which reminds me: I’d better replace the dried figs – although possibly with a smaller bag next time. 🙂

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