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Entry for May 09, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 9, 2007

I took a day off each side of the Bank Holiday, but I had to go back to work today.

The peer testing is starting to seem interminable, and I just want it finished so that I can move on to something else. However, I won’t pass the stuff until it’s correct, so I’m stuck with it for the moment. 😦

I was glad I was travelling clockwise on the M25 this evening. The anticlockwise side was tailed back from the Dartford Tunnel to beyond Swanley where I left the M25. If it gets like that in the morning, I turn around and go home and sign on from home. I check the traffic reports before setting out, but sometimes things worsen by the time I get to Junction 3 and I know that stationary traffic there is likely to mean an hour’s wait for the tunnel, which is just plain crazy when I’ve got the option of working at home occasionally.

Today we were talking about tractors in an online group I’m in, and I had a trawl through my archives looking for pictures I took at the Wrotham Steam and Vintage Fair. Today’s picture is the scary tractor… This picture was taken two years ago. Last year, the owner had oiled the bodywork and it was almost black. Hopefully we’ll visit again this year when the fair’s on in June, and we might even see this tractor again. With all that oil, it shouldn’t rust!

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