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Entry for May 05, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 5, 2007

Today we went to the Wild West Show at The Hop Farm. I made a mistake in leaving it until this morning to buy our tickets online at a discount, as it turned out that you could only pre-book and when I went to the website this morning, as this was a current event, it had been removed from the list of events that could be pre-booked. I’ll live and learn, as it cost us an extra £3 between us to buy our tickets on arrival.

We didn’t think that the Wild West Show was as good value as the War and Peace Show, also held at The Hop Farm. (We’ve been to the W&P Show twice, and thought we’d try something different this year.)

We saw a stunt riding display, Indian dancing (although the origins of some of the “Indians” looked suspiciously Caucasion 🙂 ) and various re-enactments relating the the original colonisation of North America by the English and the French.

Today’s picture is of musket fire during one of the re-enactments. There were about four different sides to the battle: English, French, local militia and Indians. It was not a warm day and one of the “Indians” must have been the coldest man at The Hop Farm today as his costume consisted of boots and some sort of loincloth. I will eventually put a picture of him onto my website, but if I post it here, I might be accused of posting adult content, as his bumflap blew up at one point and I will have to study the picture quite closely to determine how much he may have been wearing underneath it. 😳


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