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Entry for May 04, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 4, 2007

Today is a day when a did very little. I took a day’s holiday and had plans to reduce my piles of unfiled paper in my study, but in the event I watched some snooker (caught the Higgins/Maguire match today) and took a nap in the afternoon. It’s most unusual for me to do that, but I took time off to chill out, and I was tired, so I napped.

Stephen’s been inspired by my blog and he’s intending to start one himself. Today’s picture is one I took of Stephen at Kew Gardens the year before last. He’s going to use it as his Yahoo avator.

Out in the wider world, the Scottish Nationalist Party is now the largest party in the Scottish Parliament. They don’t have an outright majority, so there are bound to be negotiations with the other parties. I haven’t heard much about the elections to the Welsh Assembly, which I think were also going on. Presumably nothing notable has resulted there.


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