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Entry for May 01, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on May 1, 2007

Apart from getting snarled up in traffic at Fiveways this morning, the traffic behaved remarkably well on the roads today. I didn’t see a single tractor on a dual carriageway anywhere – apart from the ones on the back of a lorry, which had undoubtedly come from the tractor plant at Basildon.

If you look out the south east facing windows from our office, you can see part of the tractor plant. I might post a picture of it another day, but today’s picture is looking north from the second floor west wing kitchen window. I finally had my camera in the office on a day when the conditions were good and I took some pictures! The yellow field is oilseed rape, which is now known as canola in some parts of the World, although not here in the UK. Some consider it untraditional, but oilseed rape has been grown for a good many years now, and maybe having bright yellow patches in the landscape in spring will be considered traditional one of these days.

I nipped through one of the trading estates in Basildon on my way home and called in at Asda. I was going to swap five regular carrier bags for a “bag for life”, but Stephen hadn’t packed the used carrier bags into my backpack for me, so I ended up getting more regular carrier bags from Asda.

The M25 was running really well by the time I left Asda at 7:45pm and I didn’t even have to queue for the QEII Bridge. I had a sandwich when I got home -made with nice fresh bread I’d just bought, and then I had a piece of bread pudding. There’s not much left now!

My second attempt at this week’s greater than killer sudoku came out. I find them at http://www.killersudokuonline.com/. Yesterday I ended up with the same number twice in one nonet and gave up and went to bed, so it was gratifying to get the puzzle out today.


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