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Entry for April 28, 2007

Posted by HelenEdith on April 28, 2007

It’s been a lazy Saturday, which I needed. I’ve just about got rid of my headache, but my left eye still needs its rabbit’s ears adjusted so that I can see properly through it. It’s just as well that my right eye is my dominant eye or I’d be looking at a very ghostly world today.

April has been unseasonably warm and the spring flowers have been early this year. I don’t know whether I’ll manage to point a camera at any bluebells or the yellow of an oilseed rape crop this year, so today’s picture is of bluebells which I photographed in May 2003, when they flowered at the time they normally flower.

My bassoon came out for some practice this afternoon. I even dug out a cane reed. It’s hard work. I think I’ll be taking my trusty plastic reed along tomorrow when I’m going to be playing wind quintets for fun for an hour and a half. I really ought to build my lip up so that I can play on a cane reed again as the sound is better. It’s undoubtedly a travesty to play a nice instrument like mine with a plastic reed – but it’s better than not playing it!


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